Refund Policy

NexaEdu offers a 14-day period from the course start date for students to request a full refund, applicable even after attending up to five lectures. This is part of our extended satisfaction guarantee. Requests for refunds must be submitted formally through the NexaEdu student portal, with detailed reasons for the dissatisfaction provided.

Partial refunds are considered on a pro-rata basis for those who have attended only part of the course. Students have the flexibility to modify their course enrollments at any point.

Refunds are processed promptly within 10 business days, reverting to the original method of payment.

In exceptional circumstances, such as severe illness or unforeseen hardship, NexaEdu considers refund requests outside the standard window on a case-by-case basis. For EU citizens, in compliance with EU regulations, a full refund is available within the first 14 days of enrollment.

To maintain the integrity of our courses, NexaEdu reserves the right to refuse refunds in cases of suspected abuse of the policy.